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in the sweet against the spicy. >> and you have your chopped apples? >> these are granny smith apples. this is a little apple juice. >> does it matter which apples? >> use whatever apples you like, the granny smith are kind of tart. i'm going to blend this a little bit to get it combined. >> i'm just going to add that. simple. and look how simple this sauce is to make? >> it's beautiful. >> and it's pretty too. >> so you're done with that and what is the final step here? >> the final step is to eat. everybody's favorite part. so i have the pork chops. i'm going to just put that on a plate with some of the sauce. >> you just kind of pour the sauce over it and let it soak into the meat? >> absolutely. >> i'll try this and i know you have a few other dishes to complement. >> oh, love that. >> and cornbread, some chili cornbread goes with that. >> the pork chop. >> i have to put some muscle in this. this is delicious looking, awesome. >> very nice. >> it is very nice. would you like to try one? >> oh, my gosh, that's absolutely delicious. >> the salsa is amazing. ivey, this is absolutely
granny smith's, you can do that. i have the topping, the crust, that's my favorite part. and we have got butter and sugar, dark brown sugar, salt and a little bit of baking powder. >> is there a way to make this low fat? >> you can do things if you want to try to make it a multigrain. i like to do it with a rolled oats sometimes. you can even do a little flaxseed at times. make sure to grind it. so egg and rum and over the vanilla. and you just want to add a little bit. and the thing is, you have to make sure that it's clumping up. i have already brought all the butter in there. so when you clump it up, you're adding the egg, and you do it a little bit at a time. >> the finished products to make these pattys. >> we're going to lay them across the top. and when we do that, let's expand a little bit. and if you have any that's kind of gaps in there, you can take some of the extra and just sprinkle it down. >> how do you make it crispy? >> you can't add too much egg, if you add too much, it's too wet and soggy. but that will be really the right amount. if you want you can add a little bit o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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